veterinary clinic "City"

 Your pet is in good hands with us!! Let your
pet receive the best veterinary care at our clinic.

For us the care for your pets is not just an everyday job, indeed it is our passion and pleasure.

hotel services

We’re happy to offer your pet excellent conditions and professional attitude in our hotel premises.

grooming & haircut

Our team of specialists is available to take care of the perfect vision of your pet.

our services

Our biggest advantage is the personal, professional and correct attitude we have towards our patients and their owners.

professional team

Your pet is in good hands with our team of highly qualified veterinary doctors.

breeding consultation

If you have decided to have a pet, our team is available to help you assure its best care.

prevention programs

We offer for your pet prophylaxis packages of testing, medical examination, and manipulation. The packages can offer you savings up to 50% of the expenses for the monitoring of your pet during growth, advanced age and during pregnancy.


The clinic is situated in an area of 180 m2, divided into 2 levels, spacey reception hall, separate for dogs and cats to avoid stress, 2 manipulations halls, operating room, hospital, laboratory and hotel for small animals. We have at disposal modern equipment and furnishing.

Sofia, Beli Brezi, 1680 / Nishava Str. № 46

Monday – Saturday , 9:30am-20:00pm; Sunday, 10:00am-19:00pm

Clinic tel.: +359 (0) 878-455-323

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