Why should you neuter your pet?

Защо е препоръчително да кастрираме домашния си любимец?

Castration before the first estrus reduces the chance of mammary tumor development in female dogs by 99.5%, while in cats with 91%. Castration at a later stage, respectively, after the first, second or third estrus reduces it at a lower rate.

The explanation lies in the fact that these tumors are hormone-dependent and castration before the first heat leaves mammary glands intact - not yet stimulated by sexual hormones.

The more times your animal has come to heat, or the more often a hormonal agent was used for interruption of the oestrus, the greater the risk of developing mammary tumors.

Castration reduces the risk of uterine and ovarian tumors, ovarian cysts, pyometra (inflammation of the uterus) by 100%, as these organs are removed (ovariohysterectomy).

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