11136727_1621882281377405_2742924662372995506_nFirst - a clinical examination. Technological progress and modern equipment are the reasons why clinical exam gets more and more overlooked. Nevertheless, clinical examination is the most important part of any medical services. It determines the competence of the doctor who performs it and aims to identify the need for more in-depth research so as to make a conclusion - diagnosis.


a fast, accurate, and non-invasive method that allows soft tissue examination without the use of x-ray.

Provides a detailed examination in determining the size and structure of internal organs, endocrine and exocrine glands, neoplasms and all soft tissues.


  • ECG (electrocardiogram) - is a recording of the electrophysical activity that occurs in the heart, it gives information about the heart rate.
  • Echocardiography - echography of the heart - the most accurate and non-invasive method for determining cardiac function and morphology. A completely adequate way for diagnosing congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases.

We have a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine.

Ophthalmology and ophthalmosurgery11148420_1650869831811983_1713389861805865911_o

Vision is one of the most important senses. Its weakening can affect the quality of your pet of life. If that time comes, you can rely on the expertise of Dr. Malinova.She will take care of your pet's eyes.

The clinic offers a full range of modern equipment for diagnostics, treatment, and surgery of ophthalmic diseases.


all types of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

Internal diseases11156374_1621881998044100_802473880025629143_n

diagnosis and treatment of internal non-communicable diseases

Clinical Laboratory

a complete profile of all blood tests, urinalysis, microscopic blood sampling, skin samples, coproprobes, and more.

Infectious diseases

we use rapid tests to diagnose most of the most dangerous infectious diseases, we also work with external laboratories for microbiology, virology, immunology, PCR, and ELISA


microscopic and immunological diagnostics, and treatment of skin, gastrointestinal, blood, ocular and ear parasites


examination of fungal, bacterial, parasitic, endocrine, autoimmune, allergic and deficiency diseases


dental examination, treatment of caries, tartar cleaning and tooth polishing


exams of the function of the endocrine glands11078224_1621865108045789_5633822601188449354_o


research on genetic diseases. The tests are performed mainly in laboratories outside of Bulgaria

Obstetrics and Gynecology

assisted birth, caesarean section, artificial insemination, spermogram, cytoplasm, progesterone levels. Examination of the reproductive organs.

Biopsy and Histological and Cell Analysis

performing a needle biopsy of internal organs and superficial structures (without surgical intervention under the control of ultrasound).

For Exact Histological Analysis, we send the samples to a Reference Laboratory.


preparation of dietary and therapeutic feeding programs11212784_1636112223287744_2744959816128612091_n

Free phone consultation

Grooming and hairdressing


Patient care